Psalm 138: God Will Perfect That Which Concerns Me

One Year Bible: I Kings 22:1-53, Acts 13:13-41; Psalm 138:1-8; Proverbs 17:17-19

God Will Perfect That Which Concerns Me

The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;
your love, O LORD, endures forever—
do not abandon the works of your hands.
(Psalm 138:8)

“God will perfect everything that concerns you.” (Psalm 138:8, NKJV) I have heard my wife use King David’s phrase many times in her public prayers. I like that thought, don’t you?

That was the essence of David’s thinking in this psalm. Of course, he was referring to God’s plans for his life, not his own fleshly desires. That’s the caveat to this truth. The perfecting is of that which is according to God’s will, which of course, is what ought to concern us more than anything else in this life.

How comforting and empowering to know that if we are passionately pursuing God’s purposes, God has passionately committed himself to fulfilling his purposes in us. No matter what things may look like—horrible circumstances and hateful people notwithstanding (Psalm 138:7)—God will never abandon the work that he has lovingly and painstakingly invested in us, and he will ultimately bring that work to perfect completion.

What David had discovered was that when we are for God, and when God is for us, we cannot lose! II Chronicles 16:9 reminds us of this profound truth,

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen
those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

Wow! God so desires to fulfill his purposes in this world that he is actually scouring the earth looking for fully devoted people in order to release his enabling power in their lives. Is your heart fully committed to him? If it is, then God will find you, and sooner or later you will come into the greatest joy that anyone can ever experience in this life: God fulfilling his purposes for you and through you.

Yes, God will perfect that which concerns you!

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9 thoughts on “Psalm 138: God Will Perfect That Which Concerns Me

  1. I was praying and God told me Hes going to perfect everything that concerns me , My heart is so over joyed by this.

    Just can't stop the Tears………

    • This has become one of my favorite prayers–that God will perfect everything that concerns those I love. Blessings on you–and may God perfect everything that is concerning you!

  2. I went to a worship conference in july and got a mixed cd and just yesterday I was listening to it and a song with this phrase in it reallay made me see somethings that had happen in the past 6 yrs and how God change it turned it around for me, And still is. "WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE"

  3. "God will perfect that which concerns me and sooner or later it will turn in my favor"…..Love this verse from Vashawn Mitchell's CD it's turning around for me……to know that all of your affliction, struggles, being in uncomfortable places and around people you don't feel comfortable, not being fulfill on your job, enemies all around was so that he could set you up in the perfect place right where he wants you so he can get the glory and you can receive the blessing….my GOD is an awesome GOD!! Thank you GOD for everything the GOOD and the BAD!!!

  4. “God will perfect everything that concerns you.” This too is one of my favorite scriptures. I quote it often. I truly believe it by faith. God is an awesome God and he hastens to perform his word. I love the Lord with all my mind, heart and soul.

  5. I think you lord for your word is true and we can all ways rely on your word to be perfect and perform in our life I think u lord you are committed to we your people

  6. never get tired to wait upon the Lord, it doesnt matter how long it takes,
    he will come through for you at his appointed time.
    i have waited for God to bless me with a husband, and at times it will be as if He does not hear,right now as i speak i am engaged to a wonderful God fearing
    man after waiting for 9 years, of my being born again. Isaiah 40:31

    Faith Thomas

  7. The Lord gently whispered life from psalm 138:8. As I was praying the pslam, the Holy Spirit prompted my heart to this verse. What comfort your word holds Father. The truth of your knowledge which you so greatly desire for your sons and daughters to obtain and be set free. #humblegazeadoration#_ Enjoyed reading everyone's testimony_Reveleation 12:11"They triumphed over him_ by the blood of the Lamb_ and by the word of their testimony

  8. I was driving along and heard this Psalm quoted and knew that I had to find the reference. I googled it and here I am on your site. The Ps. 138:8 has given me such hope.