Senior Pastor at Portland Christian Center
Founder and CEO of Petros Network

I am passionate about Jesus …because he changed my life.  I am undone by his love, crazy about his grace, overwhelmed by his mercy, and want my life to be a continual offering of gratitude to him.  Soli Deo gloria—glory to God alone—that’s what I want to be about.
I am passionate about changing the world. I am crazy enough to believe that I can—we can—we who have been radically, merciful transformed by Jesus.  We can make a difference—one changed life at a time, one transformed village at a time, one impacted region at a time, one redeemed nation at a time.  The moment Christ changes you, you are irrevocably commissioned as a change agent.  I am on board with that!

I am passionate about the local church. It is the hope of the world.  It is the catalyst for transformation, the only true model for what the Kingdom of God looks like—or is supposed to.  I get fired up about church planting because wherever that happens, more of God’s rule kicks in.  The more churches I’m a part of establishing, the happier I am.

And oh yeah, I happen to be the lead pastor of one of the truly great, missional churches that I know—Portland Christian Center.
Ray Noah loves PCC
I am passionate about God’s Word. I love reading it, living it, teaching it, and yes, I love to write about it.  That’s the real reason for this blog.  I simply read and absorb scripture personally, and then I write it down for you to enjoy, too.  My hope is that as I marinate in the Word, the flavors will enrich, equip, inspire and provoke you—and make you want to love God and his Word better.
I am passionate about family. I happen to think I got the best when Linda became my wife, and then God blessed us with Ashley and Danielle, and then grandkids too . . . life has been crazy good ever since.  What an awesome threesome—I got the far better end of the deal on that one.  And then there’s Jake the Dachshund.  He is quirky as all get out, but he’s a pretty bombdiggity little dude.  He brings a lot of joy to the Noah’s lives.
And last but not least, I am pretty passionate about you. If you’ve committed your life to God’s Son, Jesus Christ, then “you are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that He has prepared in advance for you to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)   I am so glad you’ve landed here at this site.  I hope that by the time you leave, you will take on some of my passions about God, His church, the Word, world-change, and the role he has for you to play in it!