God, Make My Life About Your Fame

52 Simple Prayers for 2018

The brilliant thinker Henri Nouwen said, “To live and work for the glory of God cannot remain an idea about which we think once in a while. It must become an interior, unceasing doxology.” Imagine if we made that the subject of our praying without ceasing: that at day’s end, it would be said of us that the glory of God alone was our unceasing doxology. Truly, there is no greater purpose in living.

A Simple Prayer for Making God Famous:

Dear God, I exist through you and for you. That is my sole reason for being; it is my grand purpose for living. You have given me this one and only life so that I can use all that I am and all that I have to glorify you. When I drift from that, please forgive me and draw me back onto the path you have laid out for me. My simple prayer today as I journey through the next few hours is that you would keep me always conscious of you, that you would cause me to be addicted to your glory, that you would empower me to point others to you through everything I say and do, and that you would enable me to live in such a way that I bring a smile to your face. And at the end of this day, may I have done my part to make you famous.

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