The Big, Scary “E” Word

Read: Luke 10

“Now go, and remember that I am sending you out as lambs among wolves.” (Luke 10:3, NLT)

The assignment is still the same today as it was when Jesus commissioned the first disciples.  And it is just as clear: “Go!” We have been called to go into the world and give them what we have been given: The Good News of forgiveness of sins and eternal life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

It we don’t go and give, no one else will.  We are God’s “Plan A” for proclaiming his message to people, and there is no “Plan B”.  There is a name for the plan, by the way.  It is not in the Bible, but it has come to be known as “evangelism”.

Unfortunately, the “E” word has become quite intimidating, even scary to most Christians.  But since there is no “Plan B”, you and I need to reexamine our fear and reluctance so we can get busy doing what disciples do: going and giving the Good News to people who are lost.

As big and scary as the word “evangelism” may sound to you, it simply comes from a compound Greek word: “eu”, which means “good”, as in “euphoria”, and “aggelos”, which means “angel”, as in “Los Angeles”“Euaggelos” is literally, a “good angel” or a “good messenger”. A messenger with good news—there is nothing big or scary about that. In fact, that is quite appealing.

You and I have been given the job of translating God’s message of reconciliation through the example of our lives in such a way that it comes alive and connects with people. Evangelism, then, is simply embodying the Good News by loving proactively, living purely, acting graciously, working joyfully, serving creatively and even suffering redemptively. When we have lived in such a way—by being living proof of a loving God before a lost world—then proclaiming the Good News is simply the natural next step.

St Francis of Assisi once said, “preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” So go be the good messenger today; be the good news and when the opportunity presents itself, share it boldly!

“This is the new evangelism we need. It is not better methods, but better men and women who know their Redeemer from personal experience… who see his vision and feel his passion for the world…who want only for Christ to produce his life in and through them according to his own good pleasure.” ~Robert E. Coleman

What If God Took Over

Sharing the Good News is your assignment.  It will be a whole lot easier—and more effective—if you will first be the Good News.  Are you?  If you are not, do some talking with God before you head out the door.  I hear he loves to help us when we ask.

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