What Does God Look Like?

Read: I John 4

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” (I John 4:12)

Ask a thousand different people for their concept of God and you most likely will get a thousand different depictions.  But the Bible makes it plain that the chief expression of God is love.  What does God look like?  He looks like love.

Not the sloppy, squishy, anything goes kind of love our world knows.  Not the ever-changing love that rises and falls with one’s current emotional state that far too many people today understand love to be.  Not the selfish kind of love that loves to the degree that love is requited.

No—it is an unconditional love; it is a sacrificial love; it is a proactive love; it is a love that seeks out unworthy objects; it is a love that is not diminished when offended, wronged, manipulated, abused or hated.  It is a holy and righteous love; it is a tough love; it is an unchanging love.  It is that kind of love that is at the core of God’s nature.  It is this love that is the essence of his being.

And though no one has ever seen God, he has made himself visible by the evidence of his love in this world.  Wherever you see this kind of love, there, in a very real sense, you see evidence of God.  Whether you see evidence of love in the wonder and majesty of nature or in the selflessness and sacrifice of humanity, there God has left his fingerprint of love.

Most of all, God is best seen in the lives of his redeemed ones as they live in loving community within the family of God.  Whenever you see authentic fellowship, spiritual unity, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, serving and grace overflowing—you are seeing love in action; you are seeing God.

When you see God’s people reaching out to a lost world, loving the unlovely, serving the poor, preaching the Good News to the lost, laying down their lives so that hostile people can see the Father, there you have God’s love on display; there you see God. And God is especially visible when his love is on display in you.  When you love with no thought of love in return; when you go out of your way to love; when you love in response to hurtful and hateful actions; when you suffer, but patiently love; when everyone else has give up but you stubbornly love anyway…

When you see true love in action, there you see God.

Dear Father, I pray that your love will be on display in me today.

“Our love to Him is the proof and measure of what we know of His love to us.” ~John Newton

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