Immoral Women

Read: Proverbs 2:16 (New Living Translation)

Wisdom will save you from the immoral woman, from the seductive words of the promiscuous woman.

The English rock band, Queen, famously crooned back in 1980, “Another one bites the bust, and another one gone.” I’m not sure who they were singing about, but the song could have easily been about the long line of high profile leaders—from politicians to preachers—who steadily crash and burn on the highway of sexual immorality.

It’s amazing, isn’t it, that human beings have had thousands of years of historical example to learn that sexual immorality will be our undoing, yet time and again seemingly successful men and really smart women stupidly park their brain in neutral while their pleasure gear gets shifted into full speed ahead. And even though in their more sane moments they would acknowledge the inevitability of the coming crash, they put the pedal to the metal anyway.

King Solomon put the sobering reality of cruising down the sexual autobahn in pretty bleak language: “Entering her house leads to death; it is the road to the grave. The man who visits her is doomed. He will never reach the paths of life.” (Proverbs 2:18-19, NLT) Wow!  How many of those who’ve had a sexual crash and burn could have saved themselves, their families, their careers and their spiritual integrity if they would have only paid attention to Solomon’s caution sign, flipped a u-ey and put it in high gear toward right living?

To those who flee from ruinous entanglements, God promises the reward of the upright. They will be rewarded with relationships that are healthy and beneficial —“you will walk in the ways of good men and keep on the paths of the righteous”; they will reap the God-given blessings of sustained prosperity — you will “… live in the land…and remain in it”; and you will be kept from the consequences of those who engage in destructive behavior “…they will be cut off from the land…torn from it.” (Proverbs 2:20-22)

That sounds a whole lot better than the few thrilling moments the joyride down the highway of immorality brings—right before the crash!

“The adulteress reduces you to a loaf of bread.”
~Proverbs 6:26

Your Assignment, Should You Choose To Accept It: One of the greatest protections against sexual impurity is a high degree of accountability with a strong Christian friend.  Whether you struggle with control or not in this area, become accountable for your thoughts, what you feed your mind with, and your actions.  Write down the name of a friend whom you will invite this week to hold you accountable for your sexual purity.

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One thought on “Immoral Women

  1. Wonderful and convicting comments, Pastor Ray. Thanks so much. I am actually praying right now for a student to have a hedge of protection placed around her. While I do not fear she deals with this particular issue that you addressed in your post today, I know that the temptations for young people are great these days, and easy to give into. I believe she has a Christian background in her life, but am not sure of how strong her walk is. I pray every day for her walk to be strengthened, and for it to be strengthened every day. Blessings to you!