In God’s Hands

Read Psalm 30:1-32:11

In God’s Hands

“Into your hands I commit my spirit…My times are in your hands.”
Psalm 31:5,15

Go Deep: In God’s hands—that’s a great place to be.  David’s belief that God would take care of him through the thick and thin of life gave him the necessary fortitude to make the journey with the kind of sweet spirit and deep faith that earned him the appellation, “a man after God’s own heart.”

Of course, Jesus knew what David knew: That even in the midst of the most horrible, torturous suffering possible, the cross, he was squarely in the competent and caring hand of his Heavenly Father.  And at the end of his suffering, when he had completed the task of redemption and satisfied God’s righteous wrath by bearing the full punishment for the sins of mankind, he, too, committed his spirit into God’s hands. (Luke 23:46)

When you truly understand that you are always within the sovereign and loving Father’s competent care, like Jesus and David, you can lay your worries down and rest in peace.  Just knowing that nothing will touch you that doesn’t first pass through his hands provides a sense of peace and security that most people never dream possible.  Knowing that all the days of your life, from beginning to end, have already been laid out in God’s mind births a rare and priceless confidence that overcomes all of life’s fears—even the fear of death which is at the bottom of most of the neurosis that plagues the godless.

In another psalm, Psalm 139:16, David wrote,

All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

Knowing that God has completely planned out your life from beginning to end, that he is watching over each detail and every circumstance of your existence with great love and care, that you will not die a day sooner nor live a day longer than what he has foreordained, and that he will fulfill every good purpose in you, ought to give you the kind of confidence and courage to live your one and only life to the fullest and to the glory of God.

Yes, you can commit your spirit into his hands.  That is the best place to be!

Just Saying… Henry Martyn, an Anglican missionary to India in the 18th century, wrote  “Oh, that I may learn my utter helplessness without Thee, and so by deep humiliation be qualified for greater usefulness.”



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