The Real Global Warming

Read Revelation 8

“The first angel blew his trumpet, and hail and fire mixed with
blood were thrown down on the earth. One-third of the
earth was set on fire, one-third of the trees were
burned, and all the green grass was burned.”
(Revelation 8:7)

Thoughts… There’s a global warming coming, alright! But it ain’t the one modern day environmentalist are thinking about. It is a global warming that cannot be prevented by reducing our carbon footprint or greenhouse gases or by worldwide efforts to go “green.”

This one is coming because of the wrath that will be poured on those who worship the earth rather than the earth’s Creator.

Now don’t get me wrong—I am not an anti-environmentalist. I believe that Christians are called to be good stewards of this wonderful planet God created. After all, in the beginning, he gave the earth to Adam and Eve and commanded them to steward it. Christians ought to lead the way in caring for a planet that God put so much thought, effort and love into when he created it.

Believers ought to be setting the pace with common sense environmentalism. But we must be careful to love the earth without worshiping it. And we must keep in mind that God will one day destroy this third rock from the sun because it has been deeply and irrevocably corrupted by sin. Earth’s destruction will come not through natural disaster nor preventable man-made causes; it will be ultimately destroyed as a result of God’s inexorable judgment.

But in its place God will recreate the heavens and the earth. And if you think this one was a pretty good deal, wait until you get a load of the new one. It will make the present earth look like a slum by comparison.

And best of all, no sin will ever taint the pure and pristine nature of the new earth. It will be enveloped by the presence of God himself, protected by his power, preserved by his Spirit, sustained by Divine love, and ruled by his Son.

So in light of what God has revealed in his Word about earth’s future, let’s do our best to steward it. But don’t get too cozy with it—a new and improved planet is just around the corner.

Prayer… Father, I’m in awe of the beauty of your creation. I can’t imagine that you could ever outdo yourself, but there’s a promise in your Word that you will do just that. I will do my best to honor your creation, but I can’t wait to experience the next one.

One More Thing…
“The whole earth is a living icon of the face of God. … I do not worship matter. I worship the Creator of matter who became matter for my sake, who willed to take His abode in matter, who worked out my salvation through matter. Never will I cease honoring the matter which wrought my salvation! I honor it, but not as God. Because of this I salute all remaining matter with reverence, because God has filled it with his grace and power. Through it my salvation has come to me.” — St. John of Damascus

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One thought on “The Real Global Warming

  1. I pick up trash. I see a piece of paper on the floor/ground and I pick it up and put it in the trash can. My brother in law taught me this one year when we were on a hike around Timothy Lake together. He is an aerospace engineer, an old guy, now 70ish, and with Parkinson’s, but still has the will to pick up trash. He says if everyone would do it, the place would look a lot better. True story, even though it seems like a losing battle sometimes. I wish Jack had a personal relationship with Christ. He would make a great Christian, I think. (so who wouldn’t?) I like the thought of bending over stretching out and taking a minute to pick up something that shouldn’t be there. It gives me a good feeling, like I am leaving the planet a little better. I love talking to people along the way too. Some folks even take time to let me tell them why I am gathering trash. My life, like this old planet was filled with trash, until Christ came into my life and picked up the trash and took it out. Now I feel free and clean and all I had to do was give Him permission.. I would like to invite you to do the same right now. Jesus gave His life for us, even as our lives were filled with trash, so that we could spend eternity with Him – Trashless. He is here right now, if you talk to Him He will hear you. That’s simple faith, that’s realizing we need the supreme trash picker upper, that’s real Environmentalism!! God be merciful to me a sinner, today and everyday..