A Great and God-Honoring Life

Read Titus 2

“Let everything you do reflect the integrity and
seriousness of your teaching.”
(Titus 2:7)

Thoughts… The key to stress-free living, an effective witness, and authentic discipleship is the convergence of your beliefs and your behavior. Conversely, the number one source of stress in your life, the single greatest destroyer of your witness, and the thing that impedes your walk with Christ as a disciple as much as anything are incongruent values—when your beliefs don’t match your behavior.

That’s why Paul is challenging Titus to practice what he is preaching. That’s your call as well. If you are going to talk the talk, then you ought to walk the walk. Christ followers who don’t are constantly trying to cover for their incongruent lives, and that’s the primary reason for why they live under so much stress. Likewise, their inconsistent and incongruent living exposes them as hypocrites. When they say one thing but doing another, their witness becomes worthless. Furthermore, the incongruence between their beliefs and their behavior critically damages their discipleship by violating the clear demand of Jesus that “if you love me, do what I say!”

Simply live out in your everyday life what you believe in your heart and you will live a great and God-honoring life. You will, as Paul says in verse 10, make your belief in God your Savior “attractive in every way.”

  • If you believe in holiness, put off sinful living.
  • If you believe in justice, practice fairness in all you do.
  • If you believe in self-control, don’t get drunk.
  • If you believe in purity, stay away from pornography.
  • It you love the lost, witness to them.
  • If you love the poor, serve them.
  • If you love the body of Christ, show up to church.
  • If you love God, start tithing.
  • If you love your spouse, show it.
  • If you love your parents, honor them.
  • If you love your neighbor, don’t gossip about them.
  • If you love yourself, eat right and exercise a little.
  • If you love the Bible, read it.
  • If you want less stress, live out your beliefs.
  • If you want to point people to Christ, practice what you preach.
  • If you want to be a disciple, do what Jesus commanded.

In everything you do, reflect the convergence of your belief with your behavior!

Dear Lord, give me the grace and strength to do what I believe. May there always be integrity in my walk and congruence between my beliefs and my behavior. In everything I do, may I be pleasing to you and a living witness to a lost world of a loving God.

One More Thing… “I cannot find language of sufficient energy to convey my sense of the sacredness of private integrity.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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