Thinking On Your Feet

Read Colossians 4

“Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most
of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full
of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may
know how to answer everyone.”
(Colossians 4:5-6)

Thoughts… Are you ready to share you faith at a moment’s notice? Many Christians would freeze up if that “moment” ever happened. The truth is, I have been there and done that—I had the perfect opportunity to share Christ, but I pulled my punches and missed a perfect opening to put in a good word for Jesus.

Paul is reminding us that we must stay alert to our main mission in this world, and that is to serve as ambassadors of Jesus Christ (cf. II Corinthians 5:17-21). We are not on this planet just to get a good education, find a good spouse, make a good living, live in a good neighborhood, drive a good car, have good friends, and go on good vacations every year. We have been put here to point people to a good God by telling them the Good News that they can be made right with God through his Son, Jesus Christ, live a life of purpose and when life is done, enjoy an eternal life that is light years ahead of being just merely a good life.

That is our mission. That is our main focus—or at least it should be. And we are to “make the most” of every situation in order to strategically align ourselves to get in a word with “outsiders” — since in reality, they unknowingly and subconsciously are looking for what we have already found. The Greek phrase for “making the most of every opportunity” literally means to buy up an opportunity for one’s self; to use everything and everyone as an advantageous opportunity; to see each moment as a strategic, crucial God-moment to extend his kingdom.

How can you do that? Paul gives several ways in the surrounding verses. First of all, ask God for opportunities. Verse 2 says, “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Being and staying on mission requires being and staying on alert in prayer. Second, develop a kingdom mindset. How? Again, it involves prayer; specifically, prayer for kingdom advancement through the lives and ministries of others. Doing keeps your mind on the main reason you on are this earth. Verse 3 says, “And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.” And third, make sure your message matches your mouth. A lot of believers blow any chance at an effective witness because their behavior has sabotaged the beliefs they are trying to share. Paul says things like “be wise in the way you act toward outsiders…let your conversation be seasoned with salt”, which represents purity of speech, and “full of grace”, which means full of God’s loving, redemptive truth.

“Make the most of every opportunity!” Paul is pleading with us to take advantage of every situation. We are to capture each moment. We are to be opportunistic for the kingdom’s sake every chance we get.

Whatever the Lord has planned for you today, it will include opportunities to advance his kingdom.

So be ready to think on your feet, and when there is an opening, put a good word in for Jesus!

Prayer… Father, keep me in a kingdom mindset all day long. And enable me to make the most of each opportunity to speak up for you!

One More Thing… “Jesus Christ did not say, ‘Go into the world and tell the world that it is quite right.’” —C.S. Lewis

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